16 APR 2018

I finally finish up the making garment, and entirely, it was not that bad.

However, I got one problem that has a connection with latest reflection, which is the problem in fabric.

I used the PVC for my main fabric, and I didn't find out at first, but there was a little hole at the right side arms. It might causes a big problem, because PVC is really weak at ripping.

Actually, I had a knowledge about the PVC, which is really weak at ripping, but I didn't bear that in mind. The fabric is really important part of the garment making, and to bear in mind about the characterstic of that fabric is quite fundamental thing to the designer.

This is the first time that I made a garment, so I made that small mistake, but after this project and when I make a garment, I should not make a same mistake.

13 APR 2018

I am keep working for making garment, and as I said at the last time, my main fabric for garment is PVC

All of the pieces in the garment are composed with PVC, but I think this is one of the mistakes that I made.

Because after I finished making the garment I started to think of it would be much better for me to change the fabrics of string parts, because all the garment looks so vague, which is the characteristics of PVC. (String parts are also PVC)

I think this problem causes from the selecting the fabric in the development part. I need to be careful of choosing the fabrics, and before I make it to the real garment, I should thought about the image of completed garment.

I think I should bear in mind about the problem that I got today, and make sure no more same problem happens to me.

12 APR 2018

I finally started to make a garment from my final designs. I got a long PVC coat for my design at the final, so I need to change that design to real garment.

I've never made a garment before, and it looks quite complexed. I just finished the toile work and it was really hard to get the pattern by myself.

One thing that I thought during the work is that I need to make an effort with pattern makings, because good patterns make a good garment.

Also, I am not really well-known about the pattern making, but in case of Menswear, pattern making is really important. I will be the menswear designer, so for me, pattern making is really important. I think after the unit7, I need to work for the pattern making.

11 APR 2018

I got the Final design from today's work, which is long coat.

The way that I got final design is mixed up every body experimentation that I did for the last works.

I combined military sources, the northern nomadic sources, and the squid that I did for the recent work.

While I mixed up, I thought that "The more sources that we have mixed up, the more we have choices in the final design".

The reason why I think like that is because If we have lots of sources that can be connected to the design, we can try various experiments at the final design step, and that gives us an opportunity to get a good design, which means it links directly to the good fashion design.

For the next project, I will make lots of sources that can be connected to my final design, and get a better outcome for it.

10 APR 2018

I am keep working from the yesterday's work, and finally I decided to design squid shape to the "O-shaped rings".

The reason why I selected O-shaped rings as my material is because If we see the dry squids, we can see some circular suckers, and that reminds me of O-rings shaped.

This is quite similar context from the yesterday's reflection, but from the work that I did today, I got a moral that "Designers should have sharp eyes."

Even if I got a squid as our Idea, but can't catch the details, or shapes of it, then I might can't draw the O-shape rings as my design. I think designers should have really keen eyes, also with a ability of catching the small things, that might can't be seen easily to the ordinary people.

9 APR 2018

I researched the Kusama's artwork and proceeded it through the collaging. While I did some collage works, I found out that one of her artwork quite looks like "Squid", and I think I can get my design sources from the squid.

Actually, there wasn't specific dilemma for my work today, I think. But one thing that I popped up in my mind is that "The visual connections is really important ability to designer."

As I said at the top, I remind myself the squid from the Kusama's artwork. If I didn't catch these kinds of visual connections, I might can't get a new path of developing my Idea, which is "Squid." In this case, I think the ability to visually connecting is really important for us.

I don't know which other Ideas will be developed from the squid, however we need to make our garment for our outcome. To think about that, I should get some final designs soon, and move on to the making garments.

6 APR 2018

I researched about the Kusama's work, especially some dotted- pattern that she used for artwork. Actually, the one problem that I got for today's work is the range of research.

This is quite vague I think, because when we do researches and finish it, we sometimes found out that we researched some stuffs that doesn't have a big connection with our concept.  And that goes same with my work today, because while I researched the Kusama's work, I suddenly found myself that I researched every artwork of Kusama. It shouldn't be like that, because the reason why I started to research about Kusama was "Dotted-patten", which means even if I research her art-work, there should be a boundary, which is "Dotted-pattern". So after I found out my error, I tried to fix it, which is researching some "Dotted" work of Kusama.

Keep working for Kusama's artwork, and because of the dotted stuff of Kusama's work, I am quite sure some Circular shapes will be one of the sources for my design. 

5 APR 2018

Keep working on the "ladybug" for my sketchbook, and finally I got escaped from the confusion that I mentioned in last two days reflection.

Basically I have some of the images that ladybugs were crowded, and that connects me to the Idea of famous artist, "Yayoi Kusama". In case of kusama's work, it is famous for put the dotted pattern in every artwork of her.

So, my next step is researching the kusama's art-work and from there, develop it to the fashion.

From today's work, I got a confidence which is I was right in case of that "Step-by-step development." I will always bear in my mind that, and keep working on.

4 APR 2018

Keep collaging the ladybug images that I got, and try to think of what should I have to do for my clothing design. As I said yesterday's work, I got so many images or researches which makes me a bit confused, and be honest, even if I used lots of images, still I am confused.

So I was a bit curioused about "Do I need to change the strategy?" but try to keep work in the same strategy for few more steps, because as my tutor always mentioned, we should always bear in mind that "Step-by-step development."

In case of the final design, same as I said in the yesterday's reflection, but still I am not sure about what will be my final garment design. Just thinking of red/black dotted pattern on the ladybug will be one of the sources in my design.

3 APR 2018

I gathered lots of images about the ladybugs, and today I moved out to the sketchbook work. While I do the sketchbook work today, I found out a dilemma, which is if we have bunch of images, or stuffs that we can use for our Idea, that makes us a bit confused.

So, to solve out that problem, I asked to myself what would be a good way to solve this problem. I am not sure in this moment, however, I think we need to arrange the researches/images that we got, and show our Idea step-by-step, visually.

So in this moment, I am collaging the ladybugs. Not that specific about how my design will be created, however if I keep work about the ladybug, I think I will use the ladybug's back pattern in my design.

2 APR 2018

Starting the ladybug work, I need to research about the concept (ladybug). Be honest, there wasn't any dilemma for today's task, because it was gathering some images and searching some informations about ladybug.

However, one important thing that I found out for today's task is that when we do the research, we need to concentrate and do the research at once. I'm not saying we need to finish up the research only at once, but to get a deeper information in the research, we need to keep the long-concentration. And then, that makes us to get more informations, or useful images that we can use for our Idea.

I still need some more researches in my concept, and after I get the enough researches, I will move out to the sketch-book work.

30 MAR 2018

From the yesterday's work, I got around four collages, and thought about how can I change these collage works to the fashion design.

But in here, I think If I can develop it more, such as adding some art-works or ideas, I think it would be much better for me when I design a garment.

That makes me to deeply think about which Idea that I can put in this concept, and finally I found out the cast with red/black dots (Artwork that has been done by myself) quite looks similar with the marks on the ladybug.

So I tried to make a deeper development using some marks of the ladybug. Ladybug has quite interesting mark at the back, so I think my design will be something that can be connected to the "Dots" of ladybug.

29 MAR 2018

Today, I didn't have specific dilemma, or problems when I worked. After I got some clues about yesterday's work, which is red,black line and cast, I think I get some specific path for my work.

Instead of dilemmas, or problems, I thought about what should be the next step for my work.  I think if we have enough artwork or development, then the next step is to put those developments to the human body.

So, I decided to printed out some of the soldier's images, and then do some collage works on the soldier's body. My collages were basically composed with the colored masking tapes and casts, so I played around with those materials. And that makes me to be specific in the final garment designs, which it seems like I will use lots of line-sources for my design.

28 MAR 2018

Keep working for the soldier stuff, my dilemma from the yesterday didn't solved yet. Keep doing something for the images that I gathered, but nothing comes out specifically in my mind.

So from this point, I asked my self what would be best answer to solve this dilemma. Be honest, I didn't get the answer, but I am quite sure that I should keep doing my work. Doesn't matter what kind of work it is, like collages, or drawings, I need to keep work for it.

Kept working on it, I got a clue from the colored-masking tape, because that quite looks cast. Also, I also could get a color palette which is black and red. So my next step is keep working with Red, black, and cast.

Not hundred percent sure, but I think in this time, my design will be developed with Red, black lines, and cast.

27 MAR 2018

My buddy still doesn't reply for my e-mail, so I will keep the self-reflecting about our ongoing concept.

I got lots of images from the research, and try to put that re-create something by my artwork. But quite similar from the last time, I don't know what should I have to start, because the concept has suddenly changed to some military things.

In this moment, I know that I should do something to proceed my work, so I started to collage the images that I gathered.

As I said last time, my design will be something that comes out from the military stuff, but still, I don't have specific plan about it. I know that I should do more about the art-work, so in this moment, I am focusing on that art-work,

26 MAR 2018

Keep researching about the wounded soldier, I tried to think of "What if I tried to think out of the boundaries of wounded soldier?" And in here, I got a dilemma which is:

I can think out of the boundaries of wounded soldier, however that shouldn't be too far from the original concept. If it goes too far from the concept, then the flow of our development will be really odd.

So, to prevent that my ideas goes too far from the original concept, I need to adapt my researches to the flow of my ideas.

So, I decided to keep stay in the boundaries of "Soldier", and try to get some design sources from the military uniform, which can be linked to my original concept, wounded soldier.

23 MAR 2018

From today, we start the 4D buddy system as our reflective work, however my buddy doesn't check his/her e-mail, so before my buddy check the e-mail, I will be self-reflective in the 4D stuffs.

In today's work, I got a dilemma which is the research part. As I said last reflection, I will keep working on the wounded soldier, however, there are so many similar images in the wounded soldier. In this time, I thought that I don't need to take rush, however needs deeper research. 

So, I decided to make a deeper research about wounded soldier. In this moment, I didn't try to think about the design, because I think I need deeper research, and from that research I need more art-work. So, I didn't make any decisions about the design yet.

22 MAR 2018

I am keep working for the X-ray, but the different silhouette that I got from the archer.

This time, the archer that I dealt with wore a beige color, quite rough-cotton, so that reminds me the masking tape. After I remind myself about masking tape, I tried to put that on the picture of human X-ray (Arm).

In that moment that really looks similar with cast, and that links to the wounded soldier during the war.

I think this is the thing that we says "Visual Development".  Without any words, when people see our sketchbook, it visually links each other. And I think this is really important to us, because we are the people who dealing with visual stuff.

To make our design more smoothly link from our original concept, I think we need to practice "Visual development" more


21 MAR 2018

I worked for harrods project almost for an month, and today, I just take a look at everything that I did.

Be honest, I don't feel that satisfied, because the first part doesn't has a deep development. And I think that reason is when I get the idea, I just did that in one page, not numerous pages. 

When we do numerous pages for our development, that makes us to think more deeply about what we are doing for our work, and I think that naturally expands the sight and thoughts about the idea. And when we get the broad idea about our work, that links to the better development.

I think I should stop doing just a pages for my Idea. From now on, I will work as much as I can for my idea.

20 MAR 2018

From yesterday's work, I keep worked for an X-ray for my development.

I putted the X-ray into the archer's body, and get some shapes from there, which is get some jacket shapes from the right side shoulder-bone X ray.

Also, I got some ribs picture in the X-ray images that I got, so I connected that to the jacket-belts that can be manipulated.

When I did my work, I felt that I directly goes to the fashion, which means I don't have sufficient development for my work. 

This could be really big weakness for me I think, because if we don't develop our work deeply, and just rush into the garment design, I think that couldn't make something "New" in my designs.

I think I need to repel these weakness, and develop my ideas really deeply

19 MAR 2018

I kept working on the drawing the body shapes of an archers, and finally I got the clues of how to solve those shapes to the designs.

When I keep drawing the body shapes with the fine line(I drew in on the pictures, so the drawing lines quite looks like something is inside the human body.), that quite looks like simple bone structures of human being, and that makes me to think of "X-ray".

As I wrote it down on the last reflection, my tutor told me "Do something even if you don't have any idea" and finally I got the clues for my design development. By this, I feel sure about we should do something, even if we don't have any specific idea in our brain.

Got the main Idea, which is X-ray, and I will keep work for this Idea.

16 MAR 2018

Keep working from the "Bow" stuff that I got from the yesterday's collage, I was quite confused about what should I have to do with the bow.

I need to do something with the "Bow", to develop it to the design, but have no Idea of what should I have to do. And at that moment, suddenly the thing that my tutor said was popped up in my brain, which is "Try to play with the stuff that I got, doesn't matter that is drawing, collage... Do any kinds of experiments that you can do."

After I remind myself of what my tutor said, I tried to draw the body-shapes of nomadic archers, and I think if I keep working like this, I think I can get some sources from my collages.

Even if we don't have any Idea in our brain, I think we should do something as my tutor said. Then, I think we can get some clues for our design.

15 MAR 2018

Keep worked from the last collages in sleighs section, and I found out some interesting shape, which is the sleigh that hung up on the innuit's shoulder.

The shape of it reminds me the bows that Innuits used. The fact that I knew about the Inuit's bow is from the research that I did last time about Northern nomadic.

In the class, tutors always says that students need a deep research, doesn't matter the researches will be used in sketchbook or not. And I think I know the reason why, because if we research deeper, we will get the knowledge about our ongoing concepts, and anyway, that knowledges will help the designers to get a better design.

I will always make a deep research when I work with the project, and should find out the way to how to solve out the "Bow", that I got from the collage.

14 MAR 2018

I had lots of collages from sleigh, and I am keep working for it.

Last time, I got around 3 collages for sleighs, and today I dealt with the last collages.

Basically, it was the silhouette that a sleigh was hung around the nomadic Innuit's neck, and that reminds me the scarf.

I think it is all different what people imagine after that they see that collage (Innuit with the sleigh on his neck), however for me, I am interested in styling, and it is one of my important background that makes me to enter the fashion world. And in this time, that background suggest me a way to solve my design problem.

People says the designer should be smart, and had various experiences in their life. I am totally agree in this case, because I got a new problem-solving path from my background.

As a designer, I think we all should make an effort to make our background deeper, or have a variety of experiences.

13 MAR 2018

We had a class of making pockets in this afternoon.

Basically, we can make any pocket shapes that we want, however that should be done in 15 minutes, and also has a connection with our ongoing project.

For me, I am dealing with harrods project, especially with the Innuits, so I made a pockets that gets inspirations from the northern natives.

As I said, in this class, every pockets should be done in 15 minutes, (designing the pockets are included in this 15 minutes) so fast-designing ability is really important I think.

And I think this is quite same with the designers too, because designers have limits in their time, which means the speedy design is really important part of the designers life. I don't mean that designers should rush, but if we has some specific concepts and researches, we should develop that to the garments fastly.

12 MAR 2018

I had experiments with rocking chair yesterday, and the back-shape of the jacket quite looks similar to the tuxedo of conductor.


When I had researches about the conductor's tuxedo, it usually has a long back-side, and short front side.

I think I can put these silhouette in my design. Also, sometimes innuits wear the long coat, so that can be matched with the conductor's tuxedo jacket.

After that, I keep working with my collages of sleigh.

I got some interesting shapes of the sleighs, which can be changed into the scarf. The moral that I got in here is that collage works are really good for designers to get the new-shape.

For me, when I work with collages, usually most of the shape is unreal, or surreal, and that means something quite far from the things that we see in the real world. And I think that links to the interesting, new shapes. Got lots of helps from collages, and I think I should use collage often.

9 MAR 2018

I got lots of sleigh images from the researches, and after that I tried to think of what should be the next step.

Anyway, the fashion is the thing that deals with the human body, so I tried to put the sleighs with the human's body. From there, I got interesting shapes, and one thing that I got as a key for the sleigh is "Rocking Chair".

The Rocking chair has a curvy shape on the bottom part, and I started to think of "What if a human stands(Not sitting) with the chair?" and that gives me really interesting shape about the hip/thigh parts. And I think my next step is to get specific in this shapes of hip/thigh.

The fashion is the thing that deals with the human body, so our final destination for our project is something with the human body. I think we should bear in mind that fact, and specify our abstract concept  to the fashion.

8 MAR 2018

After getting wheat shape fur, I kept researching about the Siberia nomadic tribes, and found out that "Sleigh" can be my design sources, which is quite unique, but basic means of transportation in the Siberian culture.

While I researched about the sleighs, I found out some interesting-shaped sleighs, and quite lots of sleighs had curved shape at the front.

I like that curved line of the sleigh, so I think I can link that curvy shapes to the silhouette in my design work.

Always, my tutor keep saying about the importance about the researches, and I think this is the reason why.

We always pursue something "New", and I think one of the basic, but effective way to get something "New" is re-creating from the old things.

And to get some resources about that old things, I think research is the basic, fundamental part.

7 MAR 2018

Continue work for the "Harrods Project", and found out some interesting shapes while I collaged.

It was tree branches, and got that image from mixed images of horns of deers.

And I planned to do my projects with "Nomadic" tribes of Siberia and they put lots of furs in their garments, so that reminds me to link furs and the tree branches.

I drew the tree branches with furs, and that looks wheat, So I thought the shape of the furs can be transformed to the wheat shape.

Again, all these processes are started from the mixing lots of images, and that suggests me the new way of design.

Not just mixing the images, but I think experimenting various sources with various materials is really helpful for us to create something new.

6 MAR 2018

Usually, after I got some images, I directly work for my sketchbook, and it goes same in this Harrods project also.

Before, when I worked for the sketchbook I used to stick one or two images,  and there was no other drawings or collages at all, and the reason why I did like that is to clearly mention about my concept.

However, after I swapped into the fashion course, I changed my strategy for sketchbook, which is add some collages or drawings.

Actually at first, the reason why I changed my strategy for sketchbook is to visually looking good, because when I compare my sketchbook to the other's sketchbook, their sketchbook looks much stronger in the visual. However, when I progress my sketchbook with the changed strategy, that gives me a various sources of development, in case of prints or silhouette.

Also, with the collage and drawing, I can practice the layout of sketchbook and fashion illustration, so that is also a good thing for the changed strategy in my sketchbook.

I will keep work with my changed strategy in my sketchbook.

5 MAR 2018

I am doing the design development in the harrods project, and keep gathering the images that I can use in my work.

As I said in the last time, my big theme is the Christmas, and one thing that I found out while I do the research is our project concept always evolves.

I thought that my concepts will be proceed in the theme of Christmas, but when I looked for some images about Santa Claus, the big, boxy clothes that Santa Claus wore linked me to the Siberia nomadic tribe.

The Siberian Nomadic tribe that I found was called "Nenet", and the garment silhouette that those tribe wore is really similar to the Santa Claus's garment. In here, I thought that I can develop my projects in the way of "Siberian Nomadic tribe".

By the process of researches, I found out the linking point of my original concept and the new concept (Nomadic tribe), and personally, I think this linking point makes sense. If the two concepts makes sense, there is no reason for me to don't proceed my concepts, so I will proceed my concepts in the "Siberian Nomadic tribe."

2 MAR 2018

Keep developing from the "Colorful lightbulb", and from there I found out the Christmas tree, and that linked to the Christmas.

In case of the Christmas, we can imagine some fairy-tale mood when we were a child, and I think green men's uniform quite feels like the character in the fairy tale, so I think I can link it.

Also when we think of Christmas, we can think about Santa Claus, ornaments in the Christmas tree, sleigh of the Santa Claus...etc, which means there are lots of sources that we can use in our design.

I will keep develop my designs in the big theme of Christmas, and make a final outcome.

1 MAR 2018

We got a new project called "Harrods". And this is the project about the harrods department store in London, and "The green man (Bell-boy)"

Because of the project theme is the green man, I thought that I need some researches about the harrods and the green man.

Harrods is the biggest and the most luxury department store in London, and the green man's uniform are based on the military-ceremony uniform.

And kept the researches, I got the images of the harrods in night, and it was full of the yellow light. That reminds me the lights in the Christmas tree, so I think I will develop my projects to the "Colorful lightbulb"

We are the people who dealt with the visual things, so I think visual connection is always really important to us. In this context also. I got the visual sources, which is light, and visually, I need to develop these sources smoothly to the garment I think.

28 FEB 2018

Had some researches about the first part of the project, which is "Transforming things".

I got some images about growing trees, my self (Growing up), evolution theories about Darwin...etc.

One thing that I found out in this part is The more that we have images, it is better for us.

If we have lots of images, we have lots of sources to use in sketchbook, and I think that could be connected to our design development.

Also, if we have lots of images, we can get inspirations from there, and that inspiration could directly connects to our main theme. If we get a much better theme compare to the prior theme, then we can change it to the new theme, and that could make our design much better.

I had a short 1:1 tutorial with my tutor today, and he said the theme always evolves. So we don't need to be afraid of changed theme, and that means if we get a much better theme, we can develop from there.

I need to keep research the other parts of the project, so the image research will be continued.

27 FEB 2018

Continuing from yesterday, I keep thought about the strategy that can be connected to the design development.

So yesterday, my thoughts stopped at the subconsciousness, and I tried to think about what can be linked to the subconsciousness. And that reminds me the "Dancing".

When I was in fashion communication, I saw the fashion film in show-studio, and that was about showing the emotion of people by dancing. That looks so fascinating to me, so at that time, I had a research about linking the "Dancing" and the contemporary design.

Emotion can be also linked to subconsciousness, so I think dancing could be linked to my project.

Also, dancing is basically the movement of people, so in that movement, I think I can get some interesting shape, which can be connected to the silhouette of my design.

26 FEB 2018

I changed the proposal today, after the tutorial.

The reason why I changed is it started from too much of the contemporary fashion sources, and tutor said that needs to be changed.

I think the reason is it is hard to get a new sources from these days fashion.

So I changed from the starting point, which is the "Sewing" part.

I changed it, however the main starting point, which is "Transforming" will goes same.

So starting from that "Transforming", I tried to think about which things are transforms, and that reminds me of human ages, baby to adult, growing plants, stock markets...etc

Also, I found out human's emotions also changes, so the main key point in the first part will be the human's emotion.

After that, human's emotion makes me to think of "Subconsciousness" in our mind.

This is the part of the proposal that I changed. I didn't get specific strategy for the design development, so I need to keep thinking of the design development strategy.

24 FEB 2018

I started the lingerie design development part today.

As I said at the last time, I think smoothly linking of the process is really important, so I tried to think of what should I have to do to make a smooth linking.

So I checked the last page of string development, and there was a illustration that model wore a clothes made by strings. It was illustration, so that strings were drawn.

I thought that strings can be linked with the lingerie design part, and I think sticking some real string will be much better than drawing.

I don't have strings in this moment, so tomorrow I should buy some strings at the art shop. And that thoughts makes me to think of buy various types of strings, because as I said at the last reflection, I will do some collage work in the lingerie design part.

With some collage works, I will do some drawings as well with some mix-medias to make my design more easily-recognizable.


23 FEB 2018

Keep making the development, and finally the string part is done.

After finish it, I checked all the development that I made. I think it is nice, but I think I should be more free in the pages.

It was quite clear, so I think it's easy to see the process of my development, but It seems like it's all same.

I should be more free in the lingerie development part.

Also, the size of the models are quite similar to each other. It means I should make something bigger, or smaller when I proceed to the next development part.

I will try various page layouts in the next step.

I also felt that I need some collage work for the next step, because all the developments that I did was quite realistic. I'm not saying realistic work is bad, but from some un-realistic work, I can get some interesting sources.

I will repel the problems that I said at the above, and keep developing my work.

Exhibition research 2.

I went to the "National army museum" for my research in this project, and there were lots of things to see.

There were lots of uniforms of British army, organized by chronologically.

I focused on the contemporary uniform and tried to find out which sources of the uniforms will be used in my project.

스크린샷 2018-02-25 오후 4.15.52.png

This is the combat uniform of the British army, and there is a thin string goes nearby the neck(Under the helmet).

That string is basically connected to the water-bag that soldiers bring on their bag, and I think I can connect that with my project. The string can be used as necklaces, or some sources on the top I think. And if I connected to the back pack, that will be quite a new-silhouette of the bag.

스크린샷 2018-02-25 오후 4.25.44.png

This is the picture in the museum, and the thing that catches my eyes was the soldiers with the parachute.

Parachute is vital material to the airborne, and If I design some sources with the parachute(For example, on the back part of the body), that will be quite cool I think.

스크린샷 2018-02-25 오후 4.31.18.png

In case of this One-piece skirt, I thought that I can link it the lingerie and army uniforms.

It has strings(Belts) on each sides of the garments, which means I can connect it to the "String" source in my project, and some short-one piece skirts are also a part of lingerie, so I think I can use that point.

스크린샷 2018-02-25 오후 4.49.38.png

This is an old re-design work of British army uniform, and at the pocket area, some records of operations, and wounded things are written. Also, if we see the detail, the pocket cover is designed up-side down.

This gives me an inspiration of using typos in the uniforms, and some changes in the details.

Also, the hoodie looks like the mask of preventing the toxicated gas, and if I design the hoodie in this project, I can use those silhouette, I think.

It was quite interesting exhibition, and from this exhibition, I can get lots of interesting sources that can be connected to my project. Keep developing my design work, and I will use some sources that I got from this exhibition in my work.

22 FEB 2018

Keep going for my development pages, and the string-development part if almost done.

Next step for my sketchbook will be "Lingerie Development" I think.

Actually, lingerie development was not in my strategy when I make a first proposal, so I was quite concerned about which part should I have to putted in, but finally I decided to put that after the string development.

The reason for that is the flow of the sketchbook. I think sketchbook is the pages that we made for our design process. So to show up our design process, I think the whole stream of the sketchbook should be really smooth.

After finish the string design, get some sources from there and mix up with my lingerie design. After the mixing up, start to add some uniform sources, such as military uniform, and then make my final design.

Always bear in mind that "Stream of the sketchbook" is really important, and even after finish this project, I will concentrate in the "smooth stream" in case of the sketchbook work.

21 FEB 2018

I did some researches about the lingerie and after the research, I moved in to the sketchbook.

I did quite numerous of pages in sketchbook, so to confirm the whole concept and the flow, I looked up all the pages that I did.

There are lots of design development pages of strings and I think flow goes well as the way that I thought, however the one thing that I regretted about is page layout.

In case of the development pages, I lined-up the models and draw the garment design that I think. But that same layout goes for lots of pages, so sometimes it seems quite boring layout.

Also, the development pages are full of model and my design, so I think it might cause some tiredness, visually.

I am keep working for the sketchbook, but from now on, I think I should be careful about the page layout.

20 FEB 2018

I was researching for my project, and while I do the research, I found an image that a woman wore a lingerie. In that moment, I started to think "What if I use lingerie for my project", because lingerie has lots of strings in the design, such as bras, panties and garter-belt.

Also, I think the lingerie quite well fits to my concept, because as my proposal says, my last part of the design will be the uniform, because of the characteristics of "Specific rules" to wear it.

And I will break this rules by using strings, which means changing the style of the "Uniforms", and I think I can put the lingerie in the uniforms, because lingerie has lots of sources of strings.

I think I need to research lots of different silhouettes of lingerie, and develop those things to my garment-design.

19 FEB 2018

I was keep going for my sketchbook work, and found out that I need deeper research than I did before.

The reason why I felt this is because I don't have enough resources for my design process, and that connects to the research part.The deeper that we do our research for our concept, the more we can get the sources of our garment- design.

Also, by doing the research, we can get more specific concept for our design. For example, I had researches about the military uniform for this project, and found "Army uniform encyclopedia". In that book, there were numerous of military uniform that I haven't seen before. By looking at all those uniforms, I can arrange my thoughts like "This sources of strings can match with this uniform".

I am sure that having deeper research will bring us a good outcome for the project, and keep having some researches.

Exhibition Research 1.

Today I went to the exhibition for my project.

The name of the research was :T-shirt, Cult, Culture, Subversion, and it was held in Fashion and textile museum in London.

It was basically exhibition of various kinds of t-shirts, and some of it was quite old, which is from around 1960s.

It was quite nice exhibition, because that exhibition makes me to think of

  • Lots of shapes about the T-shirts.

스크린샷 2018-02-23 오후 8.29.09.png

For example, the picture that I posted on the above has a quite angular neckline on the sides. I know this kinds of shape is not really new-silhouette, however as a person who didn't feel interests about the T-shirts, this was quite new for me, and that makes me to think of manipulating the neckline can suggest quite new-silhouette of the T-shirts.

스크린샷 2018-02-23 오후 8.29.19.png

Also,this T-shirts quite looks like a cape, however when we take a close look, it has a neckline on the top-middle of the T-shirts. This also makes me to think of we don't need to follow the standardized-silhouette of the t-shirts. This t-shirts doesn't look like an ordinary t-shirt, however because of that, it can suggest a new-shape I think.

  • Using the print as an illusion, then the clothes can get a wit

스크린샷 2018-02-23 오후 8.29.31.png

This is the t-shirts that was the most impressive to me in this exhibition. It has a male mannequin on it, however the print of the T-shirt is glamorous breasts of female. This makes an audience to delude, and when they finally recognize the breast is a print and male wears it, that illusion changes to fun, witty sources I think.

Print is really important part of the T-shirts, and when we use that source(Print) really well, I think designers can make an amazing T-shirts.

  • Think about the familiarity about the garment, and then change it.

스크린샷 2018-02-23 오후 8.29.43.png

This is some flat white-board things that was hung up in the exhibitions. As we can see, the white-boards are designed with T-shirts silhouette. The only difference is, It has a long hanger things that attached with the right side arm. What if we think this design is not a white-board, the real T-shirts? Then there will be some changes in the silhouette, but also the way that we hang the clothes will be a lot changed. I think this is something "new thing", which is the designers always looking for.

It was small, but quite nice exhibition, and some of the T-shirts gave me really big morals as a designer. I already chose the next exhibition, which is the "National army museum", and I will try to get some nice design sources from there too. 

17 FEB 2018

Started the designing process in sketchbook, and at the really first part, I tried to explain the problems of "Made garment", but I changed that to the "Usual garment".

Actually I found some of the images that can represent "Made garment", such as clothes in the SPA brands clothes or some clothes in the stock room, but I think those images it-self will be quite un-matched with the whole concept, so I didn't putted in.

We are the people who deal with some "Visual" things, which means if we gonna use some images, then I think that image it-self should imply the message that we want to say to the audiences. We can put some typos in our sketchbook for sub-explain, but that typos shouldn't be the main things to tell the concept.

I also added some drawing stuffs in some pages, so even if we don't have proper images, we can still communicate with the people who see our sketchbook. I think I will put lots of drawing stuffs to explain my concepts, show my development work and final design.

15 FEB 2018

I changed a little bit of my strategy in the design development.

My original plan was to use whiteboard and board marker, but I changed those stuffs to "Strings"

The reason why I changed to the string is I tried to think about the development process using whiteboard, but I guess that there aren't much sources to develop using the whiteboard.

Also, as I said on my project template, if I didn't make a final design and just suggest the resources about design, (Which is board and board marker) I think it is hard to say "Design", because I don't make a final design outcome as a designer.

The reason why I choose strings as my alternative material is, string is adaptable. For example in hoodie, we can manipulate our hoodie size with the strings that passes the middle of the hoodie. Plus, if we tighten the strings, then the silhouette of the hoodie changes. Using those characteristics of the strings,(Adaptable in size and shape) I think I can suggest an alternative ways of making garments, rather than sewing.

14 FEB 2018

Our new project started, and I swapped into the fashion course.

In this part3, we basically choose our own concept and develop it by ourselves.

To get the main concept about this project, I started to think about my-self. 

My childhood, my current status, my future, my concerns, complains, ideology....etc.

And while I try to think of my self, I found out that I have some complains about garments these days.

That complains are basically from the sewing, because if the garments are sewed, then we can't move the position of part of the garment, which means it gives us a limit in styling.

So, in that point, I started to think about "What if I make a garment that doesn't need to sew?" and "Which way will be the most effective in case of the change the style of the garment?"

And those thoughts remind me of "Board" and "Boardmarker", which is erasable(=Change the style really easily), and doesn't need to sew when people change the style.

So in this project, I think I will design the garment that made by "Whiteboard" and "board marker."

It might be changed a bit or add some sources, but I think those two stuffs will be my main stuffs for this theme.