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MinHo Choi

Harrods Project

My work starts from researching the harrods. From there, it developed to Christmas, Northern nomadic tribe, Sleighs and keep developing it. In the last parts of the development, I got inspiration from Kusama Yayoi, and her artworks are reworked by me. I used Circle shapes of her work, and that becomes O-ring in my garments. In case of the coat, I mixed up the developments that I did before and get the shapes.

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Statement about my work.

My work is the “Harrods” project and I started researching about the harrods, and got the night view of harrods building. 

That reminds me of the Christmas tree with the lightbulb, and from there, I developed my ideas to the SantaClaus. In case of SantaClaus the weather- background of it is cold winter, and that reminds me of Northern nomadic tribe. 

Then, I got the Idea of “Sleighs”, which is the means of transportation in the cold weather. I did some collage works, and got some interesting shapes from it. One of the collage developed into the “Archers” of nomadic tribe.

I was quite interested in archer’s motion of shooting the arrows. So I drew the bone-structure of the motion, and that quite looks like X-rays.

X-ray is the thing that we uses for medical purposes, and that reminds me of wounded people. Especially I imagine the wounded soldier, because soldeiers wounded a lot when the war begans.

In that point, I did some pattern making which quite looks like stain of the blood. In here, Red, Black dotted patterns makes me to develop into the ladybugs.

After that ladybugs idea, I remind the Kusama Yayoi, the Japanese artist, because her artwork is famous for putting the dots in everywhere. I retouched her artwork, and got the “Squid” for that idea.

I changed that squid to O-rings in my garments, and got a coat, which is mixed-up conclusion of the collage work that I did. Final garment is PVC coat, with the O-rings on it.


Name: Min ho Choi

Student ID: CHO17515376


During the last 2 and a half month, I had a UNIT 7 work, and had quite lots of experiments and opportunity of how the foundation stuffs of fashion works are setted up.

I think I experienced how we do the researches and the developments as a pre-designer, and I think these are the most valuable stuffs that I achieved during the last unit 7 term. There are some other stuffs that I achieved, however I think those two things are the most important things that I achieved during the last two months.

In case of me, this is the first project that I dealt in the Fashion design class, so be honest, I think my exploration to the project was not that deep enough. I really can say that I did my best for this project, however some of the confusions that I had makes me to feel some hardship of the project, and to evaluate that hardships, most of the difficulties are comes out from the reason that is the “First project” that I dealt with.

 While I proceeded the project, quite lots of things changed. For example, making strategies for development changed a lot. When I did the fashion project by myself before unit 7, I make a really specific plan, and just followed the plan. However during the unit 7, and from my tutors advices, the plan or strategies always changes, so do not stick to our original plan if it changes. But, we should always bear in mind that we should show our work visually, so visually making-sense development is really important.

 So from that advices, I tried to make effort to don’t stick to the original plans if it changes. That was not easy at the first, however around the final part of the project, I was quite used to those changes. And later on when I checked my works, the advices that my tutor gave me help, especially for the visual development. All the processes makes sense visually, and I think that was quite a big succeed to me.

 In case of the research part, I think that influenced hugely to my development and final garment making, because all the development comes out from researches, and that developments directly linked to my garment design. One more thing that I learned as a moral in unit7 is “Deep research” is really important in the fashion design area, because it influences the most of parts in our project and our final design.

 If I do the Unit 7 again, I will be more concentrating in the research part, because in this moment, I felt the importance about researches. Also, I think I will put more 3D works in my sketchbook, because that way, it makes us easy to visualize our process and final outcome.

 During the last 2 months of work, I self evaluated my strength and weakness, and for me, quite unique Idea is my strongest part. For example, using the X-rays, or the process of getting idea of squid was quite unique idea I think. For the weakness, I think I need deeper researches for the theme, and also need some various artworks. When we do much of the artworks, that gives us a new shape in our garment, or gives us a new path of developing Idea. In this project, I think I was quite weak in those two points.

 If I have much more time for the UNIT 7, I think I won’t keep continuing for my work. The reason is as I said, this is the first project that I dealt in the fashion course, and because of that, there were some problems of researching, or developing my Ideas. Instead of keep working for same project, I will do the new project, and I am really sure about I will do much better in that new project, because I have an experience and found out which part that I am weak at.

 To looking back my work that I did, I think I need to add the researches and developments. When I add those researches and developments, I am quite sure that my final garment designs will be changed, and I think I can make much better outcome for my projects. I have to submit my projects that I did for the submission deadline, but when I do the new projects, I will make much better researches and developments for my projects.

 In case of the time management, I couldn’t follow the proposals that I made, because I changed the whole concepts at the beginning part of the term. But instead, I adapt myself to the changed themes, and I finished to make an outcome on time. There was a slight hardship on time-managing because of the changed theme, but I think I was quite successful.

It was nice for me to having my unit 7 on the fashion course, and want to say thank you for my tutor. During the last 7 months of foundation, really Worked hard, played hard, enjoyed the term. The foundation course will be unforgettable to me in the rest of my life. Thank you.

Project proposal-Changed.

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Project proposal- Completed

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Project proposal- Draft

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